Regulatory Consulting

In today’s competitive environment, reducing time to market is important to the success of a product and, therefore, to the company. The proper conduct of its regulatory activities is of considerable economic importance to a company. Our team of experts offers a wide range of Regulatory Affairs consulting services for pharmaceutical products and medical devices.

What we offer

  • Preparing and submitting your applications for pharmaceutical establishment registration/license and transfer of facilities.
  • Preparing and submitting applications for addition of locations for drug establishment’s warehouse.
  • Managing applications for amendments to registration/license information.
  • Technical Management service for Pharmaceutical Establishments.
  • Reviewing and designing regulation-compliant labeling for medical devices, pharmaceutical and sanitary products.
  • Submitting inquiries to Regulatory Authorities regarding import and marketing issues.
  • Elaboration of applications for an Exceptional Permit to import pharmaceutical products, medical devices and sanitary products.
We can help you

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