DIGESA to re-evaluate the Sanitary Registration of dairy products and other priority packaged foods in Peru

Following the extraordinary session of the National Council for Consumer Protection, it was reported that the Direción General de Salud Ambiental e Inocuidad Alimentaria (DIGESA) will reevaluate on Sanitary Registration issues, which adds to Indecopi’s research on labeling and advertising issues not only of the Pura Vida (milk) product, of the Gloria Group, but of dairy products in general.

The member entities of the Council that discussed the topic -Inacal, Digesa and Indecopi- recalled in a communiqué that Peru has a normativity applicable to food and its labeling as the Consumer Protection and Defense Code, Peruvian Technical Norms, Food and Beverage Surveillance and Control, and the Codex Alimentario, which is a global standard and applied in Panama to prevent the entry of “Pura Vida” and “Pura Vida Nutritiva” products.

The above entities will form a coordination group within the framework of their competence for the immediate revision of the labeling of priority packaged foods, the progress of which will be reported on a regular basis.

It should be noted that the investigations arose because the Panamanian State banned the entry of the mentioned milk products due to incompatibilities between the information indicated in the labels and the content and actual nutritional value of the Peruvian products.

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